Where Echo is Born: UT Document Solutions

Last week, editor-in-chief Caroline and production editor Daniel visited UT Document Solutions to learn about where copies of Echo come to life. Though the life of Echo truly starts with the creative pursuits of our submitters, there wouldn't be any magazine without the two lovely machines featured below, which print and bind our magazines!

On our end, the creation of Echo involves long meetings deciding on submissions, and long nights designing the spreads on the computer, but once all that is done, it's easy to feel like magic takes care of the rest. Well, UT Document Solutions isn't exactly magic, but it does seem pretty awesome that we can all have a copy of the magazine thanks to their services!


Echo Discovers Ellsworth Kelly .. and Froyo

This Sunday, Echo was inspired by art, light, color, and the delicious frozen yogurt offerings of TCBY. Staffers visited the late artist Ellsworth Kelly's "Austin," a new addition to UT's Blanton museum (read more on Texas Monthly) We were dazzled, enlightened, and almost kicked out for accidentally using flash photography (looking at you, Daniel...) We then navigated the actual Blanton Museum to learn more about Kelly and contemporary art.

After being intellectually satisfied, we then required satisfaction for our stomachs in the form of frozen yogurt. We enjoyed camaraderie and laughed at jokes that only Echo staff members could possibly laugh at. It was delightful. 

Echo Takes on the Texas Book Festival

This Sunday (Nov. 5, 2017) Echo staff members had their first outing to the Texas Book Festival at the Texas State Capital. French fries were eaten, books were purchased, Waldo was found, and dogs were spotted. It was a successful (yet somewhat sweaty) day for all involved.

Check out these pictures from our trip. I wonder what fun will entail for our next staff outing?

Find us on the West Mall

Interested to learn what Echo is all about? Want to find out how to submit your artwork, writing, or photography? Come meet some of our amazing staff members on the West Mall! We'll be tabling until 4pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 11/15. Pick up a flyer, learn about the submissions process, and grab some candy while you're there. We love to meet our contributors! 

Once you're ready to send in your work, head to the "submit or apply" tab on the navigation bar to read the submissions guidelines. You have until Jan. 1, 2018 to send us your best work. We can't wait to see your submissions in our inbox!

Reflection: 2017 Launch Party

By: Anna Kay Reeves and Caroline Kinnamore

Photos by: Caroline Rock

In comparison to the bustle of nearby Guadalupe Street, the quaint Malvern Books is a haven. Yet, there is a definite high-energy hum amongst the people within, who, on the day of the 2017 launch, were all waiting on the same publication.  There’s not one author, but many; in fact they’re often seen on campus. These artists and writers of every stripe are bound not only as UT students, but also literally bound, and neatly so, in the 2017 edition of Echo Literary Magazine.

There was the expected excitement that accompanies a release party, but on that May 2nd, spirits were particularly high as the growth of Echo was clear. There was of course the aforementioned neat binding, which was a first for the magazine. Book-style binding replaced the previous staple system, giving the 2017 issue a more polished look. Then there was also growth in numbers: Echo received over 250 submissions last year, a record. This expansion trend extended to the party, as well. The turnout of contributors and staff came close to outstripping the number of chairs available.

A nervous energy was evident as a few brave published authors prepared to share their work with the audience. Contributor Titan page was among the handful to read his piece in front of the crowd.  “I was proud to see my] work published for the first time, but it was kind of nerve-racking because I couldn’t control who read my stuff anymore,” Page said.  “It was a really strong motivator for future writing….Totally worth the fear.”

The courage and emotion that went into the readings was not lost on the audience.

“It was so eye-opening to hear people read their own words. You get so much more perspective on what they actually meant when you can hear the emotion in their voice as they read,” said Emily Saunders, a member of the Echo staff and this year’s Publicity Manager. “I do remember feeling the passion and excitement in all the newly published authors’ readings, and feeling the same way about Echo going out into the world.”

Along with the passionate readings that took place, there were the college classics of pizza and dessert for all, which writer Julio Diaz quite enjoyed.

“But aside from the refreshments,” Diaz said, “my favorite part was being able to hear poets read their work. I’ve always been told that poetry has to be read aloud, because it comes alive when you do. And it did that day.”

With a successful edition of Echo on the shelves, this year’s staff (which has multiplied in numbers) is thrilled to work towards making it even better this year.

January Deadline: Submissions are Closed for Echo 2017!

As of midnight tonight, our submission period for Echo 2017 has ended. A huge thank you to all of those who submitted their work -- we received over 200 submissions this year, a new record!

Another huge thanks to the Echo staff, who put in a lot of hours tabling and drumming up publicity for this year's issue. Thanks to you, Echo keeps on growing every year!

Stay tuned: decisions will be announced in February or early March.

Tabling Wrap-Up and Staff Outing

And just like that, one month of tabling is over and done! Our staffers put in a lot of hours on the West Mall, handing out past Echo copies and lollipops and getting to know some of the amazing writers and artists of the UT community!

If you missed our table and are interested in submitting, you're in the right place! Check our our submission guidelines to get started.

Also, a big thanks to the staffers that came out for our outing on Sunday, November 13. We headed over to Malvern Books for the November edition of the Austin Writers' Roulette, then swung by Torchy's for some heavenly tacos.

Catch Us on the West Mall

 The lovely Kate Drosche (Poetry + Art staffer) manned the table this morning, and looked darn cool doing it.

The lovely Kate Drosche (Poetry + Art staffer) manned the table this morning, and looked darn cool doing it.

Interested in Echo but don't know how to get involved? Want to talk to some super-cool Echo staffers about the magazine (and maybe score some free candy while you're at it)? Stop by our table on the West Mall! Today was our first day of tabling, but we'll be available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am to 3pm for the next five weeks. Drop by, grab a flyer and some chocolate, check out some past issues of Echo, and ask us questions! UT writers, artists, photographers, and general creatives welcome.

Oh, and if you already stopped by our table, check out the "Submit or Apply" tab to find out how to submit your work for in Echo.

Fall Information Meeting: Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out for our fall info session on Thursday! We had a great turnout, with lots of new faces in addition to returning staffers.

If you weren't at the meeting, here's what you need to know:

  1. Two editorial positions will be up for grabs at the end of the year. Miranda and Emily will be leaving UT in May, and Caroline will be next year's editor-in-chief. If you think you might be interested in applying for the position of production editor or design editor, keep an eye out for editor applications this spring! You must serve as a staffer for Echo before applying to become an editor.
  2. This year, Echo is expanding the magazine to include art submissions. Because of this, we are adding a third Art/Photography board for staffers to join!
  3. If you're interested in joining Echo staff, you should fill out an application (see Submit or Apply). Our next meeting will be on October 6; please try to fill out your application before then so we know who is on our staff for the year!

If you're interested in contributing to Echo this year, remember that our deadline is January 31.

Ready for Launch

A big thanks to everyone who came out for Echo's launch party last night at Malvern Books! We had a great turnout of staffers, contributors, and readers alike, and were treated to readings from contributing poets Denise Weisz, Sydney Bartlett, and Sahara Khan.

If you weren't able to make it to the party, you can pick up your copy (or copies!) of Echo from the LAH office on the second floor of the CLA.

Also, a big thanks to Caroline Rock for taking pictures at the event.